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"浄化空間" 空間除菌剤 置き型タイプ 室内も車内も安心安全の二酸化塩素使用 日本製

"浄化空間" 空間除菌剤 置き型タイプ 室内も車内も安心安全の二酸化塩素使用 日本製

SKU: 364215376135191

子供部屋などの机の上やリビングなど室内各所、車の中なとに置くだけで安定した空間除菌が約2ヶ月持続します。溶け出した二酸化塩素ガスが空間除菌しますが人体に無害な安全性なので安心です。安心・安全の二酸化塩素使用の空間除菌剤「浄化空間」は、WHOも認める驚異の除菌力とその信頼性は世界基準のデュポン社が供給する「安定二酸化塩素(アンチウム・ディオキサイド)」を主原料に用いた安全な除菌剤です。安全安心の除菌対策!ゲル状なのでこぼれにくく、人体には無害なので口に入っても大丈夫! ◆安定化二酸化塩素使用。スプレー式では難しかった安定した空間除菌環境が約2ヶ月間持続します。ゲルタイプの置型除菌剤「浄化空間」は米国化学メーカー:デュポン社が世界で始めて二酸化塩素ガスを液体で安定化させた「安定二酸化塩素(アンチウム・ディオキサイド)」を主原料に用いた安全な空間除菌剤です。デュポン社の安定二酸化塩素は、その品質においてWHO(国際保健機関)からの認定を受けており、より信頼性の高い製品となっています。本剤が空気に触れることで、ゲルから溶け出した二酸化塩素ガスが浮遊する雑菌に作用して空間除菌を開始します。その除菌力はアルコールの10万倍とされております。

  • 商品情報

    Stable space sterilization lasts for about 2 months just by placing it on a desk such as a children's room, indoors such as the living room, or in a car. The dissolved chlorine dioxide gas sterilizes the space, but it is safe because it is harmless to the human body.
    The safe and secure space disinfectant using chlorine dioxide "Purification Space" is "Stable Chlorine Dioxide (Antium Dioxide)" supplied by Dupont, which is the world standard for its amazing disinfecting power and its reliability recognized by WHO. It is a safe disinfectant that uses.
    Safe and secure sterilization measures! It's gel-like, so it's hard to spill, and it's harmless to the human body, so it's okay to put it in your mouth! ◆ Uses stabilized chlorine dioxide. A stable space sterilization environment, which was difficult with the spray type, lasts for about 2 months.
    The gel-type stationary disinfectant "Purification Space" is safe using "Stable Chlorine Dioxide (Antium Dioxide)", which is the world's first liquid-stabilized chlorine dioxide gas by US chemical manufacturer Dupont. It is a space disinfectant.
    DuPont's stable chlorine dioxide has been certified by the WHO (International Health Organization) for its quality, making it a more reliable product. When this agent comes into contact with air, chlorine dioxide gas dissolved from the gel acts on floating germs to start space sterilization. Its sterilizing power is said to be 100,000 times that of alcohol.

  • Benefits

    • If installed in the car, it penetrates into details such as gaps in the seat, and it is possible to keep the inside of the car clean at all time.
    • If installed indoors, it usually has the effect of disinfecting even difficult air conditioners.
  • Directions for Use

    ◆How to use it ◆


    Just place it in some parts of a room and have disinfecting effects   

    for about 2 months.

    Dissolving chlorine dioxide gas disinfects space (1 for about 11m²)


    Stable sterilization lasts about two months just by putting it in various parts of the room. 

    Dissolved chlorine dioxide gas sterilizes the space.

    It is harmless safety to the human body, it is safe.

  • Ingredients

    Content -120g

    Ingredients - CIO2 (chlorine dioxide), gelation agent, pure water

    Use - Virus removal, space sterilization and deodorization

  • Efficiency

    With the safety that is evaluated in the world, you can use it with confidence.
    Dissolved chlorine dioxide gas is sterilized in space, and harmful sterilization to the human body lasts for about two months just by putting it in various parts of the room.

    • WHO (World Health Organization): No836A-1
    • FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration): No9801-1
    • EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency): No9150-2
    • USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
    • DHEL (U.S. Department of Health Education and Childcare)


    This is the result of exposure test using 24 gauges of 2 inches square and 2B stainless steel as a medium for stabilized chlorine dioxide and microorganisms, and using stabilized chlorine dioxide (adjusted to pH 3.5 to 4.5).
    Test period: Kyoto Institute of Microbiology (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Designated Inspection Period / Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No. 650)

  • Environment Information

    It is the first product in the world to stabilize chlorine dioxide gas with liquid.

    Chlorine dioxide is known as an excellent substance that achieves both high sterilizing capacity and safety, but it is not possible to maintain the generated gas and handling is difficult to use, but this development has made it possible to use chlorine dioxide easily.

    In addition, usually, when chlorine dioxide is liquefied, deterioration is early, and it was difficult to store after opening, but our products boast high quality retention with only 0.1% deterioration even for two years.

  • 送料と発送について

    Product will be shipped after payment confirmation is completed.

    Delivery time is 2-3 days within Japan.

  • 返品・交換について

    Damage compensation: If the parcel contains damaged products when delivered, please accept the package first, and then follow the defined guidelines:

    Send an email to


    Please include: email address, order number, tracking, damaged product name or product code, quantity, amount, damage description, proof pictures including outside of the box picture.

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